Volumen Catalogue – Modern and Understated


Volumen is a design-oriented brand which produces modern furniture intended for contemporary lifestyles, yet rooted in classical values, both in terms of aesthetics and when it comes to the brand’s philosophy.

Volumen appeared with 11 collections including sofas, armchairs and poufs. All these pieces of furniture are presented in the catalogue on which we worked with utmost care and dedication. The catalogue was meticulously prepared so as to leave a comprehensive impression of the brand.

We dedicated special attention to the locations that we chose for the furniture photography. All locations are specific and their aim is to present Volumen furniture in the best light, the way it indeed is – understated and refined. The locations and settings emphasize all the visual and ergonomic qualities of every piece of furniture with its distinctive details, versatility of the collections, as well as the furniture’s adaptability to different types of spaces. At the same time, some of the locations are intended to demonstrate the way that certain Volumen pieces could become visual accents in simple interiors.

The design of the catalogue reflects sophistication of all Volumen collections – it is both current and refined. The design is understated and unassuming, keeping the spotlight on the furniture. The selection of colors and elegant yet reliable typography combined with photos made in diverse and exciting settings, create visual dynamics which accentuates, or complements each individual piece of furniture. The typeset was carefully made in order to strike a balance between the overall impression and certain details. The idea behind the selection of the paper and the cover for the catalogue, was to stress the importance of materials and textures that Volumen values so much.

The catalogue presents all 11 collections with their sofas, armchairs and poufs, where each product is described in detail so as to provide guidelines and inspiration to clients, as they choose pieces for their homes, private, business, or public space.

The catalogue can be downloaded here, or obtained by directly contacting the Como showroom.



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