Iconic and striking collection, lending character to any space.

About Collection

Monolite collection is striking and iconic, lending character to any space, its design relying on the contrast between its visual massiveness and the exquisite comfort and softness. The look of the collection is clearly evoked by its name – these are sturdy, compact and stable pieces of furniture, the presence of which would not stay unnoticed in any location. Monolite easily fits different spaces and immediately becomes the pillar of the interior. These are visually monolithic pieces of extreme comfort, making Monolite an excellent choice for both private and public contexts. In addition to various combinations, Monolite offers the options of two-seat and three-seat sofa, armchair and pouf.


Designed by

Zoran Jedrejčić


“An interaction between massive shapes and soft volume merging into an iconic whole. The blocks do not touch one another fully and there is some empty space left between them as an architectural detail which reveals an interplay of light and shade.”



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