Winner! BIG SEE Product Design Award 2023.



We are glad to announce that the Dolmen sofa system, created by Zoran Jedrejčić, received the BIG SEE award in the Product Design Award 2023 category: Winner. We are delighted to have won the BIG SEE, a regional award that draws attention to the progressive and exotic potential of the area to which we belong.

We are especially happy that the Dolmen modular system, with its sculptural forms reduced to geometrical plans, won the award because it represents a collection of truly modernist designs that are elegant and minimalist.

Because the components of this system can be joined together in any orientation, it is possible to arrange them in an unlimited variety of patterns that work well in both public and private environments. The pieces can be rotated to create secluded areas where users feel comfortable to chat with each other.

Dolmen is the pinnacle of highly funkcional furniture and also presents a visual respite due to the careful balancing of straight and softened edges. Dolmen is great for large workplaces, hotel lobbies, airport lounges, and other public locations due to its comfortable design and optional oak wood armrests.

The words of the designer himself: “Freedom, comfort, and flexibility”, serve as inspiration. Complete independence in form, layout, and ease of thought, both mental and physical The true meaning of the term “flexibility”.


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