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There are two common characteristics of all Volumen sofas – a modern treatment of classical aesthetic values and superior comfort. Their design is simple, contours subtle, and size monumental. The visual comfort they exude makes them easily fit different spaces and interiors.

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Volumen armchairs as individual pieces embody the essence of the aesthetics and functionality of their respective collections. At the same time, as parts of larger wholes, they make wonderful complements to the entire sitting systems. Their design is expressive, with harmonious proportions and perfect ergonomics.

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Poufs are designed to enable comfortable sitting on different occasions and environments.  Volumen poufs are “serious” pieces – simultaneously firm and comfy, while their design and ergonomics bring them close to ottomans.

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How to reach us and our furniture?

You can contact us either in writing, or with a call, and we will help you with anything you may be interested in concerning our brand or products.

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